Evohome view on the lake of Geneva


  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Development
  • Project management


  • Identity
  • Mockups
  • Modular multisite


EvoHome is a Swiss company specialized in the development of real estate located in the canton of Geneva and in Kingston, Jamaica.

In depth

  • Since 2019
  • Real estate
  • BtoC
Evohome Symbiose website UI
Evohome lake Geneva and Swiss Alps


Present the uniqueness of each real estate program, provide access to service details, and generate qualified leads by inviting reservations.

Evohome Princes website UI


Creation of a fully customizable and scalable digital solution. Development of specific functionalities for each project. Complete autonomy of EvoHome for the administration of the sites.

Evohome sober and harmonious interior
Evohome delicate interior

Domaine du Lac, Éveil, La Colline, Osmose, Rubix, La Tour Beaumont, Princes, Vista, Taquà, Bonne Chance, Domaine Saint-Louis… More than twenty sites have already been realized by our care.

Evohome living room and mezzanine
Evohome UI website


+25 real estate projects
+10,000 leads generated
+1,000 apartments sold